TEA Releases Preliminary A-F Ratings

 The Texas Education Agency (TEA) today released work-in-progress A-F campus and district ratings in four of the five domains set up by House Bill 2804, as passed in the 84th Texas Legislative Session. The ratings are based on data from the 2015-2016 school year.

“It is important to remember these ratings are a work-in-progress,” said Texas Aspires’ executive director, Courtney Boswell. “They do not provide a single grade for campuses or districts, but instead a glimpse into the level of reporting communities, parents, and schools will receive thanks to this legislation.”

The four domains included in the TEA report measure student proficiency (I), student growth (II), closing achievement gaps (III), and college- and career-readiness (IV). Domain V, community and student engagement, is not included. Under the agency’s regulations, schools’ overall letter grades will be calculated using performance on four domains, omitting either student proficiency or student growth (whichever is lower).

“This system is incredibly fair and accurate,” added Boswell. “It gives everyone involved appropriate goals and measures their performance as well as their progress. Critics have made a number of misleading, and some outright wrong, statements regarding the nature of our A-F system. I challenge folks to check their facts, keep an open mind about what’s ahead, and commit to using this information as guidance for real progress. That might be uncomfortable, but Texas students deserve a better outlook than they currently have.”

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