Gilmer teacher selected to state education advocacy board

The Texas Aspires Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to improve education in partnership with leaders in schools, businesses and communities. The new educator board will be working with the foundation to affect change among state policymakers.

Originally published in the Longview News-Journal
August 6, 2017

A Gilmer ISD teacher has been selected as one of 15 inaugural members of a statewide advocacy board that seeks to improve public education in Texas.

Ginny Matthew, a life skills teacher at Gilmer Intermediate School, has been selected to participate on the Texas Aspires Foundation’s educator board. The board is made up of teachers, coaches, administrators and counselors from schools of all sizes throughout the state, and Matthew said the political and advocacy work she’ll be doing is a natural extension of her background — seeing good education policies and practices made her want every school to implement them.

“I taught in Florida, and I taught in California and Alabama and Kansas, and every state that I went to would do things differently,” she said. “And sometimes, it was good, and then sometimes it was really not good, so going through that experience in different places and different types of schools, I really became an advocate for, in this case, it was kids who were at-risk of not graduating or kids with special needs.”

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