Thoughtful Conversation on the Future of Assessments and Accountability

Over the past few years, assessments and accountability have become dirty words in education policy. Two recent articles from the Dallas Morning News tell the other side of the story.

The first article lays out the importance of thoughtful assessments and the role they play in ensuring students are succeeding, parents are informed, and educators have all the information they need to create and maintain high-quality schools. The second piece lays out the power of clear and actionable A through F ratings for Texas campuses.

Together they paint the real picture of what assessments and accountability are all about: student success. The process may be scary for some of the adults in the system, but as the Dallas Morning News editorial board reminds us, “the high stakes at accountability’s core aren’t the tests themselves but the prospect that students fail to get the education they deserve.” It’s time that we recognize that reality.

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