The workforce of tomorrow

A recent video from Governor Greg Abbott’s re-election campaign highlights the over 300,000 jobs created in Texas last year and paints a rosy picture of Texas’ future. It reminds us that in Texas’ pro-business climate, our economy is growing rapidly and providing ever-expanding employment opportunities in the Lone Star State.

One question remains; will Texans be ready and able to fill them?

Texas businesses may be adding open jobs to career sites, but we simply don’t have enough qualified applicants within our state borders to fill them. That has led to a massive amount of out-of-staters to move in to fill the gaps. For each of the last three years, net migration into Texas has topped 100,000.

Now, we don’t have anything against non-native Texans. There are certainly upsides to building a diverse Texas, and out-of-staters are part of that unique fabric. Our economy, however, cannot sustain itself by continuing to rely on other states to educate our workforce.

That’s part of the reason the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board created its long-term strategic plan, 60x30TX. The plan asserts that maintaining a strong workforce requires that Texas take a hard look at education and the role it plays in preparing students for careers. Its overarching goal is to ensure 60% of Texas residents have attained some sort of post-secondary credential by the year 2030. By all calculations, that’s what it will take to meet the needs of tomorrow’s job market.

With over 300,000 students graduating from Texas public high schools every year, Texas businesses can provide jobs for nearly all young Texans. Schools from pre-kindergarten all the way to college must work together to make sure they can step into the workforce ready to succeed.

We believe every Texas child, regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code, deserves a quality education. You can help make that happen.