One Month To Go!

With the 85th Texas Legislative Session quickly approaching, a vast number of bills have already been pre-filed, and as always, we are closely watching as legislation is introduced.

Some have great potential to bring about meaningful change for Texas students and others would fundamentally threaten their future. Below are some of the pre-filed bills we will be following:

SB 7: Relating to improper relationships between educators and students; creating a criminal offense and expanding the applicability of an existing offense

SB 154: Relating to the establishment by the Texas Workforce Commission of a career and technical workforce specialist pilot program

SB 180: Relating to student harassment, bullying, and cyberbullying

SB 215: Relating to limiting certain state-required assessment instruments administered to public school students in certain grades to assessments required by federal law

HB 68: Relating to the eligibility for a public education grant of certain students receiving special education services

HB 77: Relating to the use of individual graduation committees to satisfy certain public high school graduation requirements

HB 154: Relating to authorization for a school district board of trustees to adopt or remove term limits

HB 171: Relating to certain facilities transactions between school districts and charter schools

HB 185: Relating to reporting principal turnover information in the performance report of a public school district

HB 382: Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of real property leased to and used by certain schools

HB 404: Relating to higher education curriculum review teams to review public school curriculum standards for college readiness purposes

HB 417: Relating to the repeal of the Texas Success Initiative

HB 467: Relating to the guarantee of charter district bonds by the permanent school fund

HB 515: Relating to eliminating certain state-required assessment instruments and certain end-of-course assessment instruments not required by federal law

We believe every Texas child, regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code, deserves a quality education. You can help make that happen.