STAAR results are about to be more actionable than ever

Parents, educators, and students will soon have a more useful tool to respond to the results of state assessments. The reinvented STAAR Report Card now provides a multitude of new information and helpful resources to help parents and educators tailor instruction based on individual students’ needs.

The report card has a student-specific access code so parents can see the test questions, correct answers, and how their student responded – all online and as soon as they receive their child’s scores. Each test question is accompanied by the curriculum standards, or TEKS, being assessed so teachers and parents can work to fill in a student’s gaps in understanding.

Colorful and informative videos that highlight the importance of “annual checkups” within the larger context of education have been posted on the site already. In addition, explanatory videos about the differences between growth and proficiency and a forthcoming video about how the STAAR test is created are also displayed proudly.

How we assess student learning and use those results to inform instruction is an ever-evolving process. This new report card and accompanying website seem to be an incredibly useful step forward that may just change hearts and minds about the importance of our state’s assessment.

We believe every Texas child, regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code, deserves a quality education. You can help make that happen.